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Online-Kurse für Kieferorthopäden von Dr. Martin Baxmann
1:1 Coaching für Kieferorthopäden für besseres Praxis-Management von Dr. Martin Baxmann

Dr. Baxmann's PowerWeek

A week of theory and practice for maximum knowledge transfer so that you become the professional of your industry with vision.

You know that feeling when you are exhausted but happy? Really satisfied with what you have achieved? That's what you'll experience with this course. It is a crash course. A mega-intensive course for all those who don't want to or can't spend 6 weekends on a curriculum.

You are actually very structured, but in orthodontics you are missing the common thread, the aha-experience that suddenly everything runs smoothly. And even if you know exactly what you want, you just can't get it across to your team.

Believe me, that's exactly what I know.

That' s why I share with you everything that is really important. Orthodontic evidence and two decades of experience at the highest level in orthodontics and practice management. You won't find anything else that is so compact, so suitable for everyday use and so directly prepared for immediate implementation.

Dates: only 4x a year, limited number of participants

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InOffice Powerweek Fortbildung für Kieferorthopäden mit Dr. Martin Baxmann

Dr. Baxmann's InOffice PowerWeek

One week with us in our practice with maximum practice and disclosure of the concept for maximum success with one or more practices.

You return to the practice highly motivated from a training course and eager to implement all the great new ideas? But you soon realise that you have not been given the real tools to transfer the spark to your team? Or the stifling routine of your long-time routine leads to failure? This course will put an end to that!

For 5 days I will share with you what has proven successful in my practice and in the many other practices that already use LeanOrthodontics®. For 5 days, you and your team can be right in the middle of things and live everywhere in my 5 practices. Whether you are a doctor, dental technician or dental hygienist, you can bring up to 6 people with you. Without additional costs. This is the ultimate opportunity to experience how we have managed to develop a practice culture with LeanOrthodontics® where everyone is important and everyone pitches in together.

Dates: Participation limited to 8 practices per year
Location: Kempen, Geldern, Kamp-Lintfort, Willich, Nettetal.

Book one of the limited places for PowerWeek now:

This is why you should use the PowerWeek for yourself:

  • More profit with (more) efficient orthodontics
  • Implementing structured practice management easily
  • Entertaining and sustainable to knowledge and skills

What does the PowerWeek offer?

Who is the organiser/speaker?

This is what you get:

  1. Efficient diagnostics a. o.
    - with 5s ModelAnalysis®
    - 10 points LeanCephAnalysis® (also available as a patch for OnyxCeph and Ivoris in the course)
  2. Exclusive planning tools of the LeanOrthodontics® system
    - Dr. Baxmann's 3:1 Rules®
    - Dr. Baxmann's ABCD System®
  3. Optimal removable therapy
    - Compliance Check Method
    - Habitational-muscular versus structural-skeletal adaptation in FKO therapy
    - The SymBlock® for the therapy of asymmetries
  4. The ultimate Lean Orthodontics "recipe book" for fixed therapy
    - Treatment tasks sagittal, transversal and vertical
    - Secure and easy anchorage, mini-implants and extraction decisions
    - Self-ligating brackets and indirect bonding
    - Arch sequences for every malposition and the
    - Express therapy add-on tools and special arches for problems of any level and any type
    - Taster course: Bending like Dr. Baxmann on YouTube
  5. Cost-effective aligner therapy
    - In-house laboratory, external laboratory or Invisalign
  6. Retention
    - The three safest types of retention
  7. Bonus course section
    - CMD - correct examination and forensically safe evaluation and documentation
    - Practice management - LeanOrthodontics® means satisfied patients, staff and boss
Mehrfach ausgezeichneter Kieferorthopädie Dr. Martin Baxmann
  • More than 7,500 satisfied course participants
  • No. 1 orthodontics podcast with over 2,000 subscribers
  • More than 5,000 subscribers on YouTube
  • More than 15,000 patients with radiant smiles
  • 5 practice locations

This is your course speaker:

Dr Baxmann is an orthodontist, speaker, Amazon bestselling author and multi-entrepreneur.

As managing director of the multi-award-winning orthodontic practice group Orthodentix® and the specialist orthodontic laboratory MyOrthoLab®, he is not only a very successful orthodontist. It gives him great pleasure to share his experience and his LeanOrthodontics® concept with you and to help you progress.

Dr. Baxmann has been established as an inspiring and entertaining international speaker for more than 15 years. Several books in his LeanOrthodontics® series have become Amazon bestsellers. He will help you to sharpen your eye for the really important things, not only in the everyday orthodontic practice, and to profitably eliminate unnecessary ballast.

Evidence-based orthodontics meets direct and easy-to-implement solutions. And all this is presented with a fine sense for your goals and spiced with a pinch of pleasantly dry humour.

This has made Dr. Baxmann one of the No.1 top speakers in orthodontics and practice management.

If you want to immerse yourself in an orthodontic world of concentrated knowledge, practical tips, boundless energy and amazing speaking speed to help you achieve more turnover, more effective staff and more free time at the same time in the shortest possible time, then you shouldn't miss this opportunity.

More about Dr. Martin Baxmann

So what is PowerWeek for you (and your team)?

  • More efficiency in your workflow
  • More profit (per patient, per hour and overall)
  • More effective staff (who are motivated to learn and implement on their own)
  • Less stress (for you, your team, your family...)
  • More time (for you, your family or just a crazy hobby)

Apply now with your team for the next available date, if you are

  • are ready to work hard for 5 days in a row and then really get a lot out of it or
  • have understood that this experience will give your practice a unique impetus, or
  • you need relief and want to establish new, optimally aligned structures right away.
  • If you are only looking for a "sitting certificate" to get a lot of training points in a short time, then please stay at home. You are only slowing us down

This course is for dentists, MSc orthodontists and orthodontists. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, it is guaranteed to be worthwhile for anyone who is serious about getting better.

What participants say about Dr. Baxmann's PowerWeek

Dr. Elen Ho, Zahnärztin

Dr. Baxmann is an excellent orthodontist and teacher. His method "Lean Orthodontics®" is simple, comprehensible and easy to learn. I am totally enthusiastic about it and I thank him very much for that!

Dr. Elen Ho
Dr. Gregor Springer, Zahnarzt

I have always gained a lot for myself and find the logical and comprehensible conclusions incredibly good.

Dr. Gregor Springer
Dr. Sebastian Helgert, Zahnarzt

One thing that is missed in the Krems postgraduate course "Master of Science Orthodontics" - a practice concept for almost all orthodontic treatments - is taught here to everyone consistently, sustainably and above all in a plausible way. In addition, the lecturer convinces with his entertainer qualities, which make the course series fly by in an entertaining and enjoyable way. A big compliment.

Dr. Sebastian Helgert

The most frequently asked questions

about Dr. Baxmann's PowerWeek & Dr. Baxmann's InOffice PowerWeek

What is the difference between the InOffice PowerWeek and the normal" PowerWeek?
The InOfficePowerWeek is a completely individual course tailored to you, your team, your needs, problems and goals. Together you don't just learn or copy how we work, you can experience it directly and unfiltered. VIP access to all areas.

This is how a PowerWeek is organised
The normal" PowerWeek is an exclusive small group course with up to 10 participants from different practices and imparts a maximum of knowledge, skills and motivation in a very short time. Get deep insights through interactive participation, without a single PowerPoint slide!"

Why should I participate in an orthodontic training course at all?
Orthodontics is still considered a secret science. It is either underestimated or it scares away interested people with pseudo-biomechanical tricks. What do you think all participants ask themselves after the course?

„Why didn't I attend such a orthodontic training earlier!“

And what if I have questions after the course?
This is the most important difference between all Dr. Baxmann courses and any other course offered. No one is as accessible to you as Dr. Baxmann.

Whether that's Mentoring2Go via Messenger, email support, online mentoring, case planning suggestions, lab services....this is so unique that many ask how this is even possible. The answer is simple: this is LeanOrthodontics® in real time. Simply the original.

Can I directly implement what I have learned?
Yes! That is exactly what the Powerweeks are designed for. Already during the course, you work out a roadmap for the implementation of exactly your goals.

Impressions of the last PowerWeeks

Real feedback from participants

Miriam Tänzler, ZFA

I really enjoyed the week. Despite the many patients who visited the practices day after day, there was always enough time to answer our questions and explain everything to us in detail and sometimes even show us.

All of the assistants and doctors were super friendly and helpful, you never got the feeling that you were unwanted or that it was done quickly because it was closing time.

I really learned a lot and enjoyed working in orthodontics, even on jobs that I didn't think I liked at all. For myself, I have taken with me that one should not be prejudiced, always open to new things, one never stops learning, one can develop fun in things that one would not have believed in and one sometimes surpasses oneself. I never thought I would enjoy taking photos because it never worked for me and now it's super easy.

I am very grateful for this impressive week and the patience the whole team had with us.

Definitely keep doing the same 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Miriam Tänzler, ZFA

I really found the week with you guys very inspiring and motivating. You are a great unit as a team and it was seen how much can be achieved when you build such a great structure. I am sure that you have given us a lot of things to move in the right direction.

I also think your unsparing honesty is great!

I've been thinking for a long time about what I could criticise-unfortunately I haven't found anything😅!

Kind regards
Christin Matterne

Christin Matterne
Dr. Petra Michel-Burkhart

Hi Martin,
The InOffice Powerweek has greatly promoted our team building and motivation and exceeded my expectations for the individual.

I found it very good to get to know a "hierarchy" and its implementation! based on lived examples, as well as problem solving (to see that even with perfect structure not everything always works out).

I was enthusiastic about the implementation of the "Baxmann theory" in practice, that all my employees were thrown in at the deep end and had to implement what they had seen and learned on their own responsibility, with a lot of fun and interest!

The perfect thing is that you return to your own practice with ideas and with tasks. 😊

Dr. Petra Michel-Burkhart

Over the years I have used almost all the tools you have in your repertoire. From the pure case planning, the use of your lab, the books and videos, one-day and multi-day courses, the curriculum, the "Powerweek" with my team for a whole week at your practice, to the interactive online meetings to discuss cases and supervise my treatments. Everywhere I could and can learn things, pull them out for myself and adapt them. I would like to highlight two things in particular that have helped me and my girls enormously. One is the "Powerweek", where you spend a week gaining complete insight into your practices and structures.

Depending on the arrangement, the staff is trained individually, you get the opportunity to work on YOUR patients and thus get a complete overview of "Lean Orthodontics" and the application in everyday life. Our girls were changed afterwards, full of self-confidence and zest for action.

For me, at any rate, working with you and Lean Orthodontics is exactly what I was looking for and needed and will certainly continue to use for a long time to come. Clear structures, easy to adopt, conceptually also applicable in other areas and always logical and comprehensible. For me, for our staff, but also for the patients.

Dear Martin, thank you very much for this, good luck in the future and good cooperation in the years to come.

Best regards, Chris
Dr. Christian Hartwig, MSc

Dr. Christian Hartwig, MSc

A convincing system

What participants say about the programme

Dr. Agnes Krenn, Zahnärztin

I am a huge fan of Dr. Baxmann's courses. The Lean Orthodontics programme is clearly structured, but individual interests and questions of each participant are also taken into account. You get a lot of practical tips in addition to the theory, and it's all done in a friendly and collegial atmosphere, which I particularly appreciate. I learnt an incredible amount, so much so that I, as an orthodontic beginner, have gained the courage to treat my own patients.

Dr. Agnes Krenn
Dr. Rositza Gabriel, Zahnärztin

Excellent lecturer with a clear, structured concept, definitely recommendable to listen to!

Dr. Rositza Gabriel
Dr. Katja Hristov, Zahnärztin

Thank you again for the great Powerweek. I was able to take away a lot of good info for myself.

Dr. Katja Hristov
Dr. Alicia Wegund, Zahnärztin

Since 2019, I have been continuously taking part in various orthodontic courses by Dr. Martin Baxmann and would highly recommend them. The principle of Lean Orthodontics is easy to understand and super practical to use. Dr. Baxmann is a brilliant teacher, mentor and speaker to whom I owe much of my orthodontic knowledge.

Dr. Alicia Wegund

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Still not convinced?

These participant testimonials will change your mind - guaranteed!

Dr. S. Harre, MSc

Thoughts were driven to high performance and despite the sympathetic aura and the (always) funny anecdotes of the mentor Dr. Baxmann, it was clear: "You're not here (just) for fun. Use the time to advance, improve and optimise your orthodontic knowledge! Start thinking "LEAN"!"

Classroom lectures? No way! That's "oldschool"! The Powerweek consisted of many practical exercises, discussions among the course participants and the joint development of solutions. This interactive way of learning made it possible to collect many more "take home messages" and to actively learn more than in "normal" training courses. Constant thinking was necessary and required to be able to follow the fast mentor: Treatments and approaches were reconsidered, changed and improved.

Our own orthodontic point of view was completely turned upside down: A break out of the hamster wheel of everyday, routine treatment and views. Countless practical tips, information and structural ways of optimising one's own orthodontic treatment followed.

But here's the best part: after the Powerweek, it's not all over, it's just beginning! Through various channels such as the internet, YouTube channel, podcasts, books and personal contact as a mentor, Dr. Baxmann also accompanies the time after the Powerweek and helps to dive more and more into the world of "LEAN Orthodontics". Anyone who does not think "LEAN" after this course has only themselves to blame.

Dr. S. Harre
Dr. Dietmar Konstaniniuk, Zahnarzt

You immediately notice his passion for his subject. When you ask him questions, there is usually a funny line and then he devotes himself completely to the problem until the answer is fully understood. He takes the time to find the goal together. This is particularly noticeable in his mentoring programme, where you describe a problem to him via WhatsApp, Messenger or email and Dr. Baxmann doesn't immediately tell you the answer, but encourages you to ponder by asking specific counter-questions, so that you can gradually learn to answer your own question yourself. His way of working, similar to his teaching style, is pure efficiency. Dr. Baxmann knows from many years of experience in clinics and surgeries where many time wasters are hidden in everyday life and how to minimise or eliminate them in the best way. All in all, I can recommend the Lean Orthodontics courses with Dr. Baxmann to everyone. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner, there is something educational for everyone!

Dr. Dietmar Konstaniniuk
Dr. Barbara Hiller, Zahnärztin

The Lean Orthodontics course by Dr. Martin Baxmann is well structured and designed. His treatment plans are clear and can be integrated and implemented very well in everyday practice. All questions that arise are answered and explained. In general, I like the course very much because I am shown how to work in a structured way in my own practice, which makes for much less stress.

Dr. Barbara Hiller
Dr. Karin Haas, MSc, Zahnärztin

The orthodontic curriculum Lean Orthodontics is characterised by a clear treatment concept that can be immediately integrated into everyday practice. The aim of the treatment is to achieve an optimum result within a treatment period that is acceptable to both patient and dentist. In his exciting and empathetic lectures, Dr. Martin Baxmann understands how to convey even complex interrelationships clearly and comprehensibly. Case planning is discussed in great detail according to his concept and in a pleasant collegial atmosphere. The benefit for the practitioner is great. I can warmly recommend the courses to all orthodontic newcomers, but also to experienced colleagues!

Dr. Karin Haas
MSc, Dentist
Dr. Rifat Osmani, Zahnarzt

I have just started reading Dr. Baxmann's book and I think it is great. The approach makes so much more sense than, for example, the Master's I'm doing at the moment. I am a practitioner and want to get into orthodontics as soon as possible. I am very interested in digital orthodontics and find Dr. Baxmann's offer with the planning aids brilliant. That's why I will also attend the next course. With the mentoring, I can get started right away so that my practice becomes orthodontics ready. If possible, I would be happy to look over Dr. Baxmann's shoulder for another day or two, that's how I learn the most. Martin, you're doing such a great job that you've got me completely under the orthodontic spell. Thanks very much!

Dr. Rifat Osmani
Dr. Hannes Küfler, Zahnarzt

Dr. Martin Baxmann conveys his very practice-oriented concept "Lean Orthodontics" of systematic and compact orthodontics with incredible energy and great enthusiasm. The 5-second model analysis, the Baxmann keys, the Baxmann 3:1 rule of thumb, the ABCD system for therapy planning are important tools for me and can be implemented immediately in my practice. His mentoring programme is unique and gives the course participants important help and support with case planning and questions of all kinds. My orthodontic practice is greatly enriched by this course programme! Many thanks for this!

Dr. Hannes Küfler
Dr. Anna Nawrocka, Zahnärztin

The curriculum with Dr. Baxmann is definitely highly recommended! As a beginner, I got to know the entire concept, which allows for independent treatment planning and implementation. With the knowledge I gained, I can now manage many everyday tasks of an orthodontic practice. After this experience, I was very happy to sign up for the advanced course, where again a great deal of new knowledge and a wonderful atmosphere can be expected.

Dr. Anna Nawrocka
Alex Kampf, MSc KFO

Designed by professionals for aspiring professionals. I attended Dr Baxmann's KFO Powerweek 2020. It was a very intensive and extremely interesting training. Dr Baxmann addressed all the important areas of orthodontics and completed this with many useful tips for everyday life in the practice. Individual questions and concerns of the participants were also addressed. If you want to learn from a very likeable professional and are prepared to spend 5 days non-stop with orthodontics, this is absolutely the right place.

Alex Kampf
MSc, Orthodontics
Dr. Judith Lengendobler, Zahnärztin

I have been looking for orthodontic curricula for a long time and finally found what I was looking for with Dr. Baxmann's Lean Orthodontics in Vienna. I took on the challenge of attending an advanced course as a "beginner" or re-entrant - the support I received from mentor Dr. Martin Baxmann is outstanding! I will be back in 2020 and bring another dental colleague with me due to my positive experience in the course!

Dr. Judith Lengendobler