Dr. Martin Baxmann:
The path to a successful practice

Dr. Baxmann is an orthodontist, speaker, Amazon bestselling author and multiple entrepreneur. He is the CEO of Orthodentix®, an award-winning orthodontic practice group, and MyOrthoLab® - Orthodontist. For his innovative activities, he was honored by CEO Today magazine with the International Healthcare Awards 2018, the Gamechangers Awards and the European Business Awards 2019. Dr. Martin Baxmann has been lecturing internationally for over 10 years, especially in his year-round courses, Powerweeks and InOffice courses, teaching highly efficient and easy-to-implement orthodontics based on current evidence and years of reflected experience, known as "Lean Orthodontics". His popular video tutorials have garnered several 100,000 views on YouTube alone in a very short time. He regularly develops new orthodontic products to support this concept. As an editor and author, Dr. Martin Baxmann is responsible for specialist books such as "Fixed appliances for Class II therapy" and the "Lean Orthodontics" book series.

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Dr. Martin Baxmann - Innovative training for orthodontic practices

Dr. Martin Baxmann is suitable for all orthodontic specialists, orthodontic MSc and specialist dentists who want to build or expand a truly successful practice and inspire their patients in the long term. Everything can be implemented immediately and will significantly change the way you think about planning, therapy, organization and success. An "aha" experience is guaranteed. It doesn't matter whether it's a significant increase in turnover, more time for you and your family or the development of a large practice. In the LeanOrthodontics® training programme, you will receive further orthodontic training, a common thread that will revolutionize the entire field of orthodontics and provide concrete guidance for your professional success. Learn in online practice groups or face-to-face.

Workshops with Dr. Martin Baxmann

In a classic hands-on workshop, small VIP groups or 1:1. If you need clarity, a concrete step-by-step plan and feedback on your work to date, then a personal coaching program from Dr. Martin Baxmann is the best solution. Being a leader can be lonely, but it doesn't have to be. During coaching, Dr. Baxmann is always by your side, reflecting and empathizing with your practice. Find out what has already worked well in your practice and where there is still room for improvement. We share with you the full experience of 20 years of practice and trainer work. It is particularly important that everything we create together is ideally suited to you.

How do the courses and training sessions with Dr. Baxmann work?

At the beginning we meet in person or online and we explain how you can access all the materials, videos, lessons and live classes. We will also define the specific goals of our collaboration. Then we will create an action plan for the next step and you will receive your first assignment. We will meet online for an hour approximately every two weeks to discuss your results and clarify any questions. Of course, on each call you will also receive Dr. Baxmann's detailed feedback on everything that has been developed within the collaboration, as well as practical tips that are easy to implement. You can ask short questions at any time in a WhatsApp group set up especially for you.

The full-year course lasts 12 months, with 12-day courses over 6 weekends. You will experience a complete orthodontic journey that focuses on your clinical expertise. From aligners to cheekbone implants, all current topics are covered in sensible, logically organized sections. Evidence based theory is translated into everyday life and knowledge and applied directly in practice. Whether you are a beginner, advanced or returning, you are welcome to join us and no matter how much experience you already have, we can guarantee that you will always learn something new and take home improvements. The one-year program is a university certificate program.

Diverse orthodontic training with Dr. Martin Baxmann

We also offer you the ultimate crash course in 5 days with bundled knowledge and immediately applicable skills. The Powerweek® is held as a VIP group workshop for up to 12 like-minded and motivated colleagues. Dr. Martin Baxmann goes through the whole of orthodontics in one go, but is so clear and structured that you absorb everything like a sponge and go straight into implementation. Powerweek® is also a university certificate program. Martin Baxmann is the director of the international MSc program at DTMD University, and you will now also study Lean Orthodontics® as part of this academic program. In 2022, Dr. Baxmann has built an excellent team of internationally renowned orthodontists and university lecturers. This compact and practice-oriented MSc program sets new standards. It offers online and face-to-face courses in everything from classical orthodontics to digital appliance design and cross-system appliance treatment. This Master's program is different from previous ones. It skillfully combines professional practical work with the latest scientific findings. Have we piqued your interest? Then please contact us by phone, email or via our contact form and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible to plan all the next steps.

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