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For all courses you will receive a university certificate from DTMD University and continuing education credits.
The didactics and quality of the entire program is certified according to DIN 29993:2018.

Lunchtime Lectures LIVE & RECORDING 2023 EN

Dr. Baxmann invites you to his compact, entertaining and practical seminar series "Lunchtime Lectures". Be there LIVE or watch the RECORDINGs whenever you want.

How to solve crowding

Learn the extraction rules first proposed by the orthodontic genius Prof. William Proffit and now updated and restructured by Dr. Martin Baxmann. This course will help you to make fast decisions without lacking precision. Because you understand the "system behind the system". That´s what´s known as Dr. Baxmann´s LeanOrthodontics®.

Selfligating Brackets

You will understand the difference between passive, active and interactive SL Brackets which enables you to decide which type will bring the most value to your clinic and your patients.

Combine them with the extremely efficient LeanOrthodontics® System and enjoy the benefits of 21st century orthodontics. With the aid of your new evidence based knowledge about selfligating brackets you are not only working with the best materials on the market. We make you ready to let them work for you.

The 4 Problems in Finishing

Only 4 problems in finishing? No, there are more! But once you understood that they can all be summarized in 4 groups, your life will become so much easier! Now you are entering the advanced level. The next step then will be to foresee these possible problems and to anticipate them.

The Big 3 In Ortho

The big 3 in Ortho are the main topics of your daily life in any ortho clinic. They are full of controversy and every other year new discussions will start again, about how to deal with anchorage, extractions and space closure best.

The Tipps & Tricks Clips

The Tipps & Tricks Clips are full of short and concise useful advice. TheY will make your orthodontic life easier and your treatment more efficient. You can use them for your own training as a doctor. Or you take them as well as a readymade training video for your own staff.

A convincing system

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