Orthodontic training online
for your professional future

Dr. Baxmann's orthodontic training is suitable for all orthodontic specialists, orthodontic MSc and specialist dentists who want to build or expand a truly successful practice and inspire your patients in the long term. Everything can be implemented immediately and will revolutionize the way you think about planning, therapy, organization and success. In the orthodontic online training course, LeanOrthodontics®, you will receive an orthodontic guide that will help you achieve professional success. Do you want first-class treatments that are carried out at reasonable prices? In the orthodontic training course online, you will learn to make the right decisions with confidence and ease. You will also learn how orthodontic treatment is prepared, structured and followed up. Find out why conversations fail without a targeted plan, what is important in addition to the first impression and how you don't give communication a chance.

With our comprehensive orthodontic training online, you can immediately offer orthodontic patients a high level of support. In the online orthodontic training course, you will learn the basics and deepen your existing knowledge. The more background you have in the theoretical context, the more interesting the actual work will be. In addition, our participants learn and practise delegated work in the Orthodontic Advanced Training Online: the daily learning of individual movements under the guidance of mentors and practitioners. Qualified assistants can therefore also make a significant contribution to an efficient patient-oriented workflow.


Online orthodontics training - Find the right course for you

Would you like to attend an orthodontic course as a dentist or dental technician?

Then you will find the right orthodontic training course online for your needs here. We offer courses and training at various levels, including support for dentists undergoing orthodontic treatment. Thanks to orthodontic training online, newcomers can provide additional services in a relatively short time. In the orthodontic training course online, participants are introduced to the fabrication of orthodontic appliances for the design of dental arches. Learn the professional handling of musical instruments and materials, the correct use of pliers, the bending of wire elements and the processing of plastic with diffusion techniques. The purpose of this course is to create a sophisticated plate appliance anyway. The orthodontic training course online covers all topics, from the initial consultation to diagnosis, from planning to removal and fixation, orthodontic treatment including CMD and medical care management.

Orthodontic training online - Billing courses

Are you looking for an introductory seminar on orthodontic billing? Then you've come to the right place. Today, more experienced accounting professionals are needed than ever before. In this online orthodontic training course, you will learn the basics of correct and meaningful orthodontic accounting. The purpose of orthodontic training is to provide the knowledge and ability to apply for paid orthodontic positions under BEMA and GOZ. In addition to the legal basis for orthodontic services, a thorough knowledge of all relevant GOZ and BEMA numbers is required in order to properly claim a health insurance patient or individual patient. In our orthodontic training online, you will receive valuable information on all relevant options and additional services in orthodontics. Effective treatment planning and application is also part of the curriculum. With the knowledge you have acquired, you will have all the important basics you need to start orthodontic billing and carry it out safely in the orthodontic practice.

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