Why setting up the workplace is more than ergonomics

Workplace organization necessitates more than just efficient delegation. The provision of all necessary resources is crucial to keep your practice running smoothly. This can address basic issues like the distance you need to cover for you to recover essential supplies (materials or equipment) or manage documents from one room to another.

Luckily, we no longer have to maintain a paper format of patient files. Today, we can control all communication on computers, on which everyone can see what is needed. I have incorporated this principle of minimalism in my practices where all the treatment units, materials, instruments, drawer assignments, and software are identical. This enables everyone to find their way around without any problems.

Is your workplace more than ergonomics?

Another thing to remember is for the workplace equipment to be optimally adjusted in regards to all your employees. Ask yourself: Are the workplaces suitable for all heights? Where do right-handed and left-handed people work? Are the distances short? Is there enough freedom of movement – both for the workers and for the patients?

Are you quality checking your materials and equipment?

For work to progress efficiently without functional exploits, quality assessment of the materials and instruments is important. For example, cutting off a wire with a dull cutter means a longer time to work and a poorer outcome quality. So, it is better to use fewer, but high-quality materials.

Are you making sure that the right person operates the instruments?

Also, fool-proofing with instruments and devices is necessary to regulate the right authority on work and to prevent any potential injuries. If a turbine is connected to the chair, only those who have been instructed or trained should use it. At the same time, the others must know that they are not operating the turbine themselves.

The legal requirements for occupational safety must, of course, be met. Allow a member of staff to monitor these requirements. Thus optimal workplace organization is based on:

  • The devices
  • The structural conditions
  • The operating procedures
  • The activity profiles

Are you customizing the workplace based on appointment types?

You should also design the workplace depending on the type of appointments. Since different appointment types take place in the morning than in the afternoon, the rooms may have to be prepared differently.

The core value of setting up the workplace is to nurture the culture of collegiality – whoever has an idea for improvement shares it. Accordingly, you can then discuss it, vote on it together, and implement a test run. All in all, keep the system lean and clean!

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