Why continuous improvement (Kaizen) makes you unstoppable

Kaizen is a pioneering business development strategy that helps you calibrate your profits by optimizing your processes and other daily production procedures. By adopting the core principles of lean management – waste elimination – you can continuously improve your standardized processes, increase productivity, improve quality of services, better safety measures, lower costs, and enhance patient satisfaction.

This multidisciplinary approach of kaizen helps boost communication among the employees, promotes a sense of transparency, and thus improves the morale and employee commitment toward the company. So, how can you implement the values of kaizen in your practice? One of the simplest ways to do it is by choosing small, manageable improvements.

Focusing on small changes with Kaizen

There has been a long-standing quibble over the understanding of “change”. Most industries strive for sudden and expounding portions of change in an effort to maximize their potentials and improve profit. However, the kaizen principle exacts quite entirely the opposite virtue. Approaching change in small, incremental steps is an excellent method of ensuring continuous improvement and growth in the practice.

Making small yet far-reaching changes can help steady your workflow. If you can make small two-second improvements every day, you are ensuring:

A better workplace culture

Your goal should be to anchor this culture of constant improvement in you and your employees. This way the employees can work together to solve problems that inturn build and strengthen your teams.

Engaged and satisfied employees

Employees can now look at problems from a solutions perspective and thus continuously work towards solving problems more efficiently and continuously. When you inculcate a culture of continuous improvement without rushing it, employees are more likely to be satisfied and ambitious.

Reduction in fear of mistakes

Making small improvements can take away the dear of mistakes. Perhaps a small change will not lead to success. So what? Because it should have been such a small improvement, the error is also very small.

Increases success

When your employees are less afraid to make mistakes, this can lead you to a more successful process. Mistakes are great directional tools that give you a small nudge in the right direction. With a lesser span of failure and risk, you can quickly return to your position of continuous improvement and success.

Improves patient satisfaction

When your employees tend to problems and challenges with brilliant efficiency and continuously renew their daily changes, word gets around and the patients are more likely to accept a more satisfying treatment and experience.

Lean Orthodontics® is much more than a toolbox or a methodical guide to efficiency. It is a culture. The change begins at home. Focus on developing people instead of products and you will immediately be able to experience a better working environment. Keep the usual entry barriers as low as possible and then gradually increase them because small goals do not mean many hurdles and problems, but an infinite number of opportunities for success

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