R’n’B of your orthodontic clinic – observe the rhythm and pace of your practice

Each company has a set of processes and timelines by which it operates. A key aspect of an orthodontic practice is learning how the order in the daily routine and in the treatment process leads to a flow of work and information. By expanding the bandwidth of focus for your business, you’re taking your patients on a journey from the first acquaintance with the practice to the end of treatment.

A perfect analogy for workflow in the practice is music. If you were to fervently work on a larger piece of music, there is one aspect you’ll have to keep a close eye on when composing – the beat. While the tempo can vary, the pattern of repetition, that is the beat, remains the same, and the temporal arrangement and order of the notes, that is the rhythm, build on it. In essence, the beat forms the basis of the entire work.

Similarly, the timing of individual work steps helps with the development of habits and leads to a pleasant rhythm. Ideally, the individual actions (tones) of your team should form a whole composition in which all instruments and all voices harmonize with each other perfectly. If your practice does not reflect this exact harmonious cadence, it is time to bring rhythm and beat into your work.

All the processes that we go through in practice are timed and divided up. I would like to draw your attention to two areas or processes that are subject to the principle of rhythm and beat:

  • The daily routine of the practice
  • The treatment process of the patient.

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