Do this and your team will love when you delegate (Levels of delegation)

Delegation is one of the most important skills for leaders to learn and apply in their practice. When you learn to delegate the tasks to your employees efficiently, you help contribute to increasing your ability to deliver grandeur results that your practice depends on to grow and thrive.

Here are the five “levels” or “expansion stages” of delegation. You and your team can see which level you’re currently at as a team to help you support and realign individual employees at their individual level.

Level 1: Follow by special offer!

As the head of the delegation, you’ve prepared the task in the best possible way and conveyed concrete instructions for action. Your employees now “only” need to implement these instructions into the task. The employee is not familiar with the topic and is therefore dependent on maximum help.

Level 2: Prepare yourself!

Simply let your employee think and familiarize themselves with the topic. Only then will you have to give instructions that they implement. The employee already knows what it is about and understands why they have to follow the guidelines.

Level 3: Make your own solutions!

Your employee has now begun to work on the task themselves, without your supervision, and suggests meaningful solutions themselves. If you agree with these solutions, they adhere to them and implement them on their own.

Level 4: Make your own decision and get feedback!

The employee can already choose from the best approaches and decides on a solution. With a better grasp of the decision-making power, they independently look for feedback at the end of the task. Nonetheless, they must know exactly how far the decision-making authority goes so that it is for the benefit of all participants and cannot cause any damage.

Level 5: Make the decision without feedback!

Your employee can now independently prepare a task, work out proposals for solutions, weigh them effectively, and decide on the best possible one. The employee has already proven several times that he can do this repeatedly and reproducibly with very good results without any further feedback from you.

Level 6 – Multiplicator level: Train your colleagues in delegating and always find the best person in the team for the task!

This level is the accolade for the automation of your tasks. Your employee, who successfully passed levels 1-5 and now, is able to train the entire team and gradually determine the most suitable employee for each task. This leads not only to a further acceleration of the work with less waste but also to an improved result quality.

With only five employees you can do without this level. However, this concept becomes a necessity if you have 20 or more employees.

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