Are aligners with attachments really invisible?

Clear aligners have long been advertised as invisible braces. Large brands like Invisalign have endorsed their products widely and cemented themselves as household names today. Using patented technology, they have created clear aligners that can not only produce appropriate tooth movements, often quicker than fixed braces but are also virtually invisible and aesthetically pleasing.

That being said, clear aligners may sometimes come with small knob-like structures called attachments. These are tooth-coloured bumps that are designed to hold the aligners in place and enhance the movements of the teeth to their newly appointed positions. Attachments come in different sizes and shapes, each one designed for a specific movement.

And while they stay in place for as long as you need them, unlike your aligners, these attachments are not removable. Instead, they are glued to your teeth. This can cause patients to be turned off by the idea of pursuing clear aligners. But do you really need to worry about getting attachments?

Are attachments visible?

Attachments are small and button-shaped dots that are bonded to your tooth surface. Often they are placed on the centre of your tooth to ensure proper anchorage to the aligners. They can differ in shape, size, and number based on their purpose.

They are mostly invisible to the naked eye. Sometimes though, you may require attachments on the front teeth, mainly for tipping, overlapping, or uneven incisors. In these cases, attachments may make your aligners a bit more obvious. But this is nothing compared to braces and you’ll still be able to enjoy a more discrete experience with your aligners.

So, what’s the verdict? If someone stares at your mouth up close, they might be able to see the bumps. But, from a normal distance, attachments are fairly invisible. Don’t let yourself shy away from aligner therapy just because of these attachments. You will still be able to enjoy the benefits of aligner therapy – comfort, removability, efficiency, and aesthetics – even with these tiny attachments on them.

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